1. What is a safelist?

A safelist is a mailing list where all members can mail to each other.

These cannot be considered as spam because every member has opted in and comfirmed their email address.

A safelist can be used to advertise websites, business oppertunities and so forth.

2. How do safelist work?

Yes, and if you are reading this then you are a member of one of the best ones!

3. How does the credit based mailer work?

With the credit based mailer you can email your ads to the entire safelist daily as long as you have credits left.

This is a really good feature because it allows you to save your credits and use them whenever you want to.

4. What is 1 credit worth?

1 credit is 1 member of the list you can send your ads to.

5. How can I earn credits?

You earn credits by referring others to our Safelist and by clicking on special links into emails that you receive.

6. What is your Refund Policy

The TheOptin.com Service:
TheOptin.com is a service provided to you "as is" and without guarantee. Any credits free or purchased are non refundable. TheOptin.com cannot be held responsible credits incorrectly used.