While making video guides for another program it involved signing up to several different safelists and I was
shocked by what I found... "Broken Links", "Too Many OTO offers", "Multiple options taking the focus off the site"
"Poor design", "Hard sign up process" all I wanted was a safelist but it felt like I would be searching forever...

"After spending HOURS searching for a simple credit
based safelist with no bells and whistles I
decided the best thing to do was to MAKE MY OWN"

What my aim is with this site is to make a simple to join credit based safelist with an easy to maintain area to
allow members to get EXACTLY what it states on the tin... A Credit Based Safelist.

Once you join you will be offered ONE special upgrade offer and this will be up to 70% OFF the main sites
upgrades BUT you will on see this once and that's it gone... So make the most out of it!

Offer Incentives For Members To Remain Active

Even though our site is a credit based email safelist we offer additional bonuses and
try our hardest to keep our members as active as possible

Protection From Dead Email Addresses

We monitor email addresses regularly and remove members who's email continually
bounce etc... This means a clean responsive list for our members to contact

Earn HIGH Commissions For Referring Members

We pay up to 50% commissions for upgrades and purchases and have a low threshold
allowing us to make weekly commission payments to our members

Please remember that this site is exactly what it states "A Simple Credit Based Safelist" we've stripped out all the
extras so we can focus on the MAIN feature... Mailing our members & keeping them responsive!

  Basic (Free) Advanced VIP
Mailing Ability Every 3 Days Every Day 3 Times Per Day
$ Per Basic Referral $0.10 $0.25 $0.50
$ Per Advanced Referral $0.49 $0.99 $2.22
$ Per VIP Referral $0.95 $1.99 $4.47
*Credit Commissions 25% 35% 50%
*Credit Per Email Viewed 25 50 100
Sign Up Credits 500 5000 10000
Monthly Credits 500 5000 10000

*Please note that ALL commissions and earnings are based on return, this
means they may fluctuate from time to time depending on performance.